Tenue de Nîmes 10th anniversary


For the 10th anniversary of Tenue de Nîmes, an award-winning denim store in Amsterdam, we teamed up with Asahi in order to create a unique and super limited bandana.

The  bandanas were pre-treated with a rice paste so that a pattern would arise once it was dyed in a bubbling vat of natural indigo. After all were folded into little kimono’s for the Asahi bottles to wear, the lucky first 75 guests would pick up a bandana wrapped bottle.

During the event, we made some extra bandanas on the spot, so people could see the magical process of natural indigo dyeing.

Indigo dyeing & screen printing

  • Store: Tenue de Nîmes
  • Brand: Asahi Super Dry
  • Concept: Indigo dyeing en screen printing
  • Photography: Koen Kuik / @koenkuik