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Blue Print Amsterdam

Blue Print Amsterdam is a creative design studio obsessed with denim and indigo. We are skilled in using the old crafts in a contemporary way, to create unique designs concepts and bespoke handmade textile products. By giving inspiring and creative workshops, we love to share our knowledge and experiences. All this, we do by using only natural and sustainable materials!

Blue Print Amsterdam was set up by Celia Geraedts, a graphic artist who combines many diverse handmade techniques in her designs. After working as a designer at Levi’s, Celia found her passion in indigo. She wanted to dive deeper into this magical blue dye, so she went to Japan to learn the craft of natural indigo dyeing. During her journey, Celia developed a deep love and understanding for creating products by hand, and she learned the Japanese way of presenting products and stories. Once she finished her journey in Japan, she established Blue Print Amsterdam, to give hands and feet to her unquenchable love for denim and indigo.

Blue Print Amsterdam applies their creative approach to collections and stores of brands like Levi’s, Tenue de Nimes, Benzak, Merz b. Schwanen, Isko, Soorty, Asahi, and Heineken.

Our lovely and intimate studio is at the border of Amsterdam where there is space to breath and think, in a green area, called Lijnden. Blue Print has all the materials within reach to experiment: a screen printing table, a bubbling indigo vat and plenty of inspiring books & fabrics. At Blue Print we love to collect objet trouvés and we continuously grow our already extensive collection of old buttons, handmade (wall) papers, and fabrics! Right now, we are making a start with a dyeing plant garden next to the studio! You are very welcome to visit out studio – send us a message and we can meet up.