Natural tie dye customization


During Lowlands, one of the Netherland’s most populair festivals, Levi’s organized a huge event for influencers. The three-day event took place at a villa park, close to the festival terrain, with customization and creativity as important guidelines.

All influencers could select a jeans, shorts and jacket made of ecru denim plus organic Levi’s tees. Once they selected the items of their choice, they chose their favorite colors and patterns out of the 12 examples we already prepared.

For this event we selected several natural dyes such as indigo, iron and madder and we introduced some water based colors, resulting in a beautiful and bright pallete of colors. While we were enjoying a chill beat and typical dutch weather, we tie dyed the garments according to the taste of the invites.

Natural tie dye customization

  • Client: Levi's
  • Location: Biddinghuizen
  • Date: 18-8-2019
  • Photography: @levis_nl