Hotel Siempre Agosto

Our interior design pieces can be found in many different European countries. Most of them are hanging in stores or houses, but there are a few exceptions. One of the exceptions are the design pieces we shipped to Ibiza, one of Europe’s most beautiful Islands.

Hotel Siempre Agosto is the place on Ibiza where our pieces can be found. This cozy hotel, towards the north of the Island, is having several items made by Blue Print Amsterdam. Some of the beds are covered with our antique fabric bedspreads, while you can find an indigo napkin next to your breakfast. And, since swimming is one of the main reasons to visit the island, indigo cloths are available at the pool.

Please let us know what you think about the pieces we made for hotel Siempre Agosto at

  • Client: Hotel Siempre Agosto
  • Location: Ibiza, Spain
  • Concept: Custom made interior pieces
  • Photography: @siempreagosto