Indigo Art Wall


For the recently opened Flagship store in Prague, we teamed up with Levi’s working on various store decoration pieces to give the store a unique denim look, as well as a typical Levi’s identity! With the Indigo Art Wall in the staircase as most eye-catching object, we worked on lifting the heritage of the brand and fabric, to frame it into natural indigo art! We designed 25 wall panels based on the heritage of the brand and incorporating traditional Czech patterns. For the Indigo Art Wall we only made use of organic fabrics, natural indigo, and edible rice paste, perfectly matching the brands’ identity.

All Indigo wall panels are completely made by hand in our studio in Amsterdam, which took us one month of hard work. Especially for this assignment we made a huge vat with 400 liters of the best natural indigo in which we dyed the panels up to 10 times each. Next to the Indigo Art Wall, we made an Indigo Rope Hanging and some cool Indigo Poofs. All pieces were made by hand with a wink to the heritage of Levi’s, only making use of organic fabrics and natural dyes -of course!-. 

After making all pieces in our atelier in Amsterdam, we went to Prague for the installation of the Indigo Art Wall, and we felt super proud – and a little relieved – the moment the last piece was hung. We are super happy with the outcome of our biggest interior project of this summer and a BIG thanks to Levi’s for the honor!

Indigo Art Wall

  • Brand: Levi's
  • Location: Levi's Flagship store, Prague
  • Concept: Handmade indigo wall panels