Indigo DIY Tie Dye Kit With Tote Bag

perfect starter natural dye kit with indigo

create cool tie dye patterns on the lightweight tote bag

or dye a t-shirt or 2  ( if you would like to dye more you can better buy  the 250 gr indigo )

creates approx 4,5 liter of indigo





If you want to create your own indigo dyed tote bag, this kit is all you need. The kit includes everything you need in order to create a little vat of 4 liters of fresh natural indigo as well as a lightweight tote bag. It guarantees a cool experience with a beautiful self-made indigo tote bag as a memory. You have enough indigo to dye a little fabric something after you have done the tote bag.

It is the perfect gift!

In the package:

30 gr natural indigo

60 gr slaked lime

90 gr fructose

marbles , elastic bands, gloves and instructions .

AND  : a lightweight tote bag